Suffragette Studio


Suffragette Studio is a creative platform designed to support and empower womxn.



My name is Rachel, I’m a visual artist based in Portland, Oregon. Suffragette Studio is my humble homage to womxn* everywhere; inspired by their brilliance and creativity, galvanized by their courage and will power, and in gratitude for their strength and tenderness.

There are so many incredible efforts in my community that womxn have created to support and empower one another. The goal of Suffragette Studio is to raise awareness and funding for these organizations dedicated to womxn’s equality, education, health, safety and prosperity. Twenty percent of all profits from Suffragette Studio are directly donated to selected organizations that work to support womxn. Artwork is created by myself here in Portland, produced with womxn-owned printers, and available to purchase locally at groovy-minded shops around town.

Thank you for your support!

Suffragettes were members a British social movement made up of badass babes in the early 1900’s who organized and fought for equal female voting rights in public elections. It wasn’t until 1918 (Britain) and 1920 (United States) that womxn were granted suffrage, or the right to vote. Many American womxn of color were were unable to freely exercise their right to vote until the 1960’s.

*The spelling of the word womxn is intended to be inclusive of trans and non-binary peoples.

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